System design

Designing your call center monitoring solutions

Implementations of QA7 call center technology

Real-time Monitoring solution

Use QA7 to monitor all calls taking place in your call center and automatically identify those that are going the wrong way. The QA7 development kit sample code contains an example for a “Call Priority” and “Agent Priority” formulas. Real time monitoring can also collect data about the general emotional state of the agents, their current stress, fatigue and boredom level, and their customers’ reaction to the responses.
A flexible set of rules can be added to your system, defining which indications will be provided to the managers by the system, attracting their attention to the relevant calls.

Alerts can be sent using graphical indications on the supervisor’s screen, SMS, or even automatically connecting the manager to the ongoing call.
By integrating the QA7 technology into your call center solution, managers can receive immediate alerts when a call is not handled properly, saving managers time listening to other properly managed calls, and making optimal use of your managers’ expertise.

Post processing of pre-recorded calls in the call center

In the Post processing monitoring solution, more comprehensive emotional data can be explored to provide management better understanding about the customers' preferences, likes and dislikes. Advanced markers and tags can be added to the logs using BI systems and Big Data analytics.

Telemarketing solutions using QA7

The customer’s emotional profile is an important indication to the agent handling the call, better directing support and sales approach. The emotional profile of the client (represented by Nemesysco's emotional diamond for example) is determined by the QA7 core, following the analysis of the first 10-15 seconds of the customer’s voice, and contains 8 emotional elements. These emotional elements can be used by the call center’s professional team to design special scripts and instructions to handle different types of personalities. In addition, different real time indications can be used to further direct the sales approach as the conversation develops.

Automated report generation using the QA7 data

The rich data QA7 can feed into your system, from the specific agent level to the overall group or site performance, can be used to automatically generate productivity and objective quality reports. These can dramatically enhance your call center solution offering, simplifying managers’ work and save critical time. Use emotional values from different groups handling specific topics to reveal problems as they develop in different business areas.

Simplified graphical display of emotions in a conversation

Easily understandable and user friendly display is paramount to your system acceptance and can expedite large scale deployments. Using the emotional analysis data, your call center solution's conversation player can present a graphical display of significant emotions and their development over time in the course of the conversation. Managers can easily mark and play back any portions of the call where unexpected emotional reaction is detected to get to the bottom line and reach decisions faster.

Work related stress analysis

Monitor work-related stress level of the agents to automatically warn managers about “burn-out” and even prevent in advance serious stress related symptoms.
Real time monitoring can collect data about the general emotional state of the agents, their current stress, fatigue and boredom level, and customers’ reaction to their responses.
QA7 offers a standardized set of measurements to properly evaluate the agents’ performance and customers’ satisfaction, automatically, and with minimal hardware resources consumption. The aggregated data is used for automated report generation and standardizing your KPI (Key performance indicators).