Emotions Analysis API

Nemesysco's Emotions Analysis API

Nemesysco offers an immediate access to its emotion detection capabilities using our new daughter company’s Emotion-Logic platform.

Emotion Logic platform offers an intuitive and rapid onboarding process that empowers you to start harnessing the power of advanced voice analysis and AI decision engines in less than an hour. By creating an account – a process that requires no credit card and takes under a minute to complete – you are granted $50 in free analysis credits to commence your journey into the universe of affective computing.

Once your account is set up, you have the flexibility to choose the application that best suits your needs. Whether you need support, sales, well-being, or fraud prevention insights, Emotion Logic has created custom applications to provide just the data you need. Furthermore, the platform is accessible via both Docker and Cloud APIs, ensuring versatility and ease of integration into your workflows. All these steps can be completed in just a few minutes, putting you on a fast track to understanding the genuine emotions fueling your clients and teams.

With your chosen application and APIs set up, you can start analyzing your voice audio. The platform allows you to run your voice recordings or real-time streams through Emotion Logic’s analytics engines. This fast and efficient process helps you unlock rich emotion data, potentially revealing genuine emotions that could have significant implications for you, or your clients’ decision-making processes.

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