Personality & CVC tests


Personality and the call center space

Personality tests have been around for many centuries (in fact, the first recorded personality test was conducted by Hippocrates) and evolved dramatically over the recent 200 years in which many different types and techniques of personality assessment have been developed. This way or the other, despite their limited scientific validation, personality tests are considered a valuable tool in several domains of work and interpersonal domains.

Nemesysco’s new personality tests are based on a completely different approach than any of the old classical ones.

Using the Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) parameters that correlate with key human emotions, Nemesysco’s tests are divided into 3 parts: “Core”, “Value” and “Competencies”.

The tests measure the entire set of emotional reactions throughout the test (“Core” part), and in response to a set of key stimuli (“Values” and “Competencies” parts).

The Core part focuses around Nemesysco’s Emotional Diamond reactions and defines the general emotional type of the evaluated party. The repeating emotional reactions can teach us about the natural incline, so we broadly look at the 4 poles of the Diamond to make the first analysis:

  • The Energetic-Logic and the Energetic-Emotional: these types move forward, one using sense and cold logic, the other tends to work from the heart.
  • The lower Diamond types are the Emotional-Stressed and the Logical-Stressed: These emotional types are not taking risks, they are concerned about their wellbeing – and one will plan actions logically, while the other will use the emotional motive to plan the actions.

The “Values” and “Competences” sections require precise stimuli set and will encourage deeper reaction to selected topics that will identify positive and negative reaction to past experiences. These will reveal the true strengths and weaknesses of the evaluated person.

In the call center space, these principles can be used in 2 domains:

  • Agents’ recruitment (using Nemesysco’s LVA-I systems) – where the complete CVC (Core Values and Competencies test can be used)
  • During service or sales calls, to adjust the discussion type to the one better suiting your client taste, and ideally even match the optimal agents to the client on the routing system.